Thursday, December 22, 2011

Psalm 40... free download

Our CD, "Great Redeemer," is now available, and we thought it would be great to give away downloads of our song, "The Song of the Redeemed." To download this song, go to our NoiseTrade page and if you like it, consider leaving a tip. The song is based on Psalm 40, and we hope it is a blessing to you (here is a link to a live performance of the song). If you are interested in using the song, following are the lyrics and chords, and we would love to hear from you:

.G D/F# C G D/F# C D
Lord be magnified! He has heard my cry
.G D/F# C D/F#
He saw my need, and picked me up
. a7 b7 C Dsus - D
and set my feet upon a rock!

.G D/F# e C
Many will hear this song of the redeemed
.G D/F# C D
Many will see all the lives that you have changed
.G D/F# a7 b7 C - D G - D/F# - C - D
Many will fear and will place their trust in the Lord

.G D/F# a7 b7
The sacrifice of bulls and goats could never pay the debt
.G D/F# C Dsus - D
but long ago the prophet spoke of a promise to be kept,
.G D/F# C G
of the Father's loving kindneess shown, to send the Holy one
.G D/F# e C Dsus - D
to come display His righteousness, to do the will of God

.G D/F# a7 b7
While resting in the kindness and compassion of the Lord
. G D/F# C Dsus - D
the saviour bore the sins of all and cried out to be heard
. G D/F# C G
bring sorrow to the ones who take delight in all my pain
. G D/F# e C Dsus - D
but let the ones who seek the Lord rejoice and sing again

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