Friday, May 20, 2011

A Prediction for Tomorrow

I am so thankful that the end of all things happens after I get to celebrate my anniversary with my wife. As of today, we have been married for 16 years, and it has been a marvelous time. The first ten years (number of perfection) were devoted to uniting our hearts together in preparation for the work of ministry, and the following 6 years of labor were ordained to follow that perfect preparatory time. Now, at the end, comes the seventh year of rest... coincidence?

Now, you might suspect that this is all mere conjecture, but how could such things be anything but God-ordained signs of the end? I am sorry if your anniversary date was not so perfectly ordained, but since the end of all things is here, it does little good to fret about it now. Of course, for those who refuse to believe these things, a great earthquake awaits them tomorrow. Those who survive this will be in for miseries upon misery. But enough of this silliness... I have a more original prediction than to copy Harold Camping's spiritualistic conjecture and self-righteous arrogance.

Here is my prediction for the beginning of the end that Camping has predicted:
1) Tomorrow will be as today - there will be wars, there will be financial troubles, and there will be earthquakes...lots of them (there are many, every day, all over the world...nothing new here)
2) The next day, Camping will issue a statement something like this:

The earthquake of God's wrath has begun more slowly than we expected, but we who believe have certainly felt it. Scripture makes it plain that these events have begun, but the language of Scripture uses a metonymy where the final destruction is used to describe the whole period from beginning to end. It is certain that things will only get worse from here, and we, the witnesses of Christ, have been left in place for a time as God has graciously extended a last chance opportunity for repentance. All true believers should give generously to our radio station to proclaim this message. 
3.) All those who have followed Camping will proclaim that it is obvious that he was right (mostly on the basis of his decades of Bible study), and in an effort to convince themselves and their relations that they aren't following a crackpot, they will redouble their urgency and commitment, giving more of their money to him.
4.) All who doubted Camping will proclaim him to be a crackpot - based upon their view of Scripture. Some will paint all Christians in the same light, and others will distance themselves from it.

The end result of all of this will be little more than a spectacle of competing efforts that serve to glorify some person by virtue of their rightness or their betterness. Many will be distracted for a time from the glory of God and will lose sight of the need to live every day in humble worship of the creator who will, indeed, reconcile all things to Himself. He will do it in His time and in His way. If we desire certainty, we should stop there, plead with others to be reconciled to God, and live our lives in such a way that our words and actions both proclaim the glory of God in the person and work of Christ.

Let God be true, and every man a liar...