Monday, April 11, 2011

Praise God for Who He Is

Here is a quick, and wholly inadequate tour of some of His attributes:

God is Great

He is everywhere, all at the same time. He knows every thing, even our thoughts before we think them. God is all-powerful; He can do anything that is consistent with His nature. God is the sovereign ruler of the universe, and He created all things to display His glory as the best and highest possible good for His creation.

Praise His Greatness!

God is Holy

He is completely unlike His creation. He is separate and distinct, perfect in all His attributes. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are greater than our thoughts. Who can be compared to the Lord? There is none like Him in heaven and earth.

Praise His Holiness!

God is Righteous

He always does what is right, because He is the absolute standard of righteousness. The nature of God defines all that is right, so there can be no evil in Him or what He does.

Praise His Righteousness!

God is Just

He always acts with equity and without partiality. Because God Himself is the standard of righteousness, by which every thought or deed is judged, all that do not measure up with Him are fairly and righteously condemned and removed from His presence to eternal death.

Praise His Justice!

God is Merciful

He always makes a way of escape. Under justice, we are all condemned, but God is merciful, which means He does not give us what we deserve. The basis of His mercy is the work of Jesus Christ, who voluntarily claimed our sins as His own and received God's wrath on our behalf! Only those who are reconciled to God through faith in Christ will be saved from God's wrath.

Praise His Mercy!

God is Longsuffering

He is always patient and doesn't judge swiftly. Though He will certainly judge all who refuse to reconcile through His Son, He endures the wickedness of His creation to give opportunity for those who will repent.

Praise His Longsuffering!

God is Love

He always acts for our benefit. This love is showered on all His creation, even those who refuse to believe. However, He has a special love for His people, working to redeem all who will believe and working all things out for their best good.

Praise His Love!

God is Perfect

He always acts consistently with all of His attributes, all at the same time. He never changes; He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is God, and we can trust Him!

Praise our perfect, loving, patient, merciful, just, righteous, holy, and great God!

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