Thursday, February 4, 2010

Financial Needs

We have now been on the road for almost two years, and God has been faithful to provide every step of the way. As we look forward to the coming years, we continue to anticipate His provision. Many of you have been instruments of God's supply, and we are humbled and grateful for all that He has done, both for us and through us.

Looking forward, we expect to continue our work in three areas of emphasis: continuing to use music and preaching together in the proclamation of God's Word, helping churches train their own leadership (through both Veritas School of Theology and the ordination preparation program), and using the gifts and experience God has allowed me to have in God's service wherever He takes us to minister.

To this point we have not had any monthly support, relying mainly upon love offerings that average around 250 dollars a week (about 1000 dollars a month). While this has served to keep us moving from place to place and take care of food, it has not allowed us to maintain a consistent budget, and this has proven to be problematic, particularly as it regards planning and in respect to various monthly bills (phone, insurance, etc.) and surprise expenses (doctor and dentist visits have hit us hard this month).

Our dependence on love offerings has made some struggling churches hesitant to invite us, and it has forced us to keep moving from church to church when, in some cases, we could be more effective by helping a church for an extended period. Of course, we can seek to supplement our income (as we have done, on occasion) by painting, providing audio recording services, and other related means. However, these activities tend to distract from our emphasis on the exposition and teaching of God's Word.

So we would like to ask you to consider whether God would have you support our ministry. Perhaps the Lord would burden you to help subsidize our travel expenses, enabling us to go to those smaller or struggling works (75 dollars would cover approximately 100 miles of travel). Perhaps you would be able to support our ministry monthly; even a relatively small amount would go a long way. For example, if half of our current prayer partners would invest the equivalent of buying one latte per week we would be able to cover the bulk of our expenses and all of our basic needs.

So we would like to ask you, our prayer partners, to consider whether or not God would lead you to participate in our ministry financially and of course, to continue to pray for God's provision for our needs. Thank you all, again, for your prayers to God on our behalf!

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