Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All is Well - Psalm 16:8-11

As per a few requests, the following is a chord chart for our song, "All is Well." While working on a different song, based on Psalm 16, a friend called to tell me that they had just lost a loved one. At the same time, I was meditating on verse 8-11 and the implications of Christ's resurrection. It is a song that seeks to capture the peace that comes from a mind who is focused on God, who is walking with God, who has been made alive in Christ, and who is following His path of life.

With Him, not even death can shake you, because He is the firstborn from the dead. He who knows our weakness became sin for us and suffered the wrath of God in our place. Then the Messiah, Jesus, did not stay in the grave long enough for his body to decay, but He rose to life again on the third day, and by His resurrection, we are enabled to live a life, alive to God and dead to sin.

He who knew no sin, became sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him!

Death, where is your victory? Oh grave, where is your sting?

All Is Well by tpryde3

[Verse 1]
. ---C#dim---------------E9
When anxious thoughts disturb my sleep
. --C#dim --------------E9-------A9
and grief would turn my faith to fear
. E -------------C#dim
I look to you my living priest
. --E2 -----A2 ---------------B2
and rest in hope, for you are near

. E ---------------C#dim
O Love Divine! You stooped to share
. -E -----------------A9
My sharpest pains, my bitterest tear,
. E --------------C#dim
I bring to You my earthly care,
. --f# ----A9 ----------E
and all is well, all is well

[Verse 2]
. ---C#dim ------------E9
When threatened by the darkest day,
. --C#dim ------------E9 -----A9
the thought of You dispels my fear.
. -----E ------------C#dim
Though all the world assaults my way
. ----E2 ----A2 ----------------B2
still all is well, when You are near

[Verse 3]
. ---C#dim ------------E
When sleep has come to take my breath
. -C#dim --------E9 --------A9
My waiting heart expects to hear
. -------E
Arise my child!
. -------g# ---------------A9
Arise my child I conquered death
. ---------E
and all is well,
. -----A2 ------------B2
all is well, for I am near

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