Sunday, September 20, 2009

On Using the Web

Recently we have been looking at more effective ways to use the various internet resources that are available, particularly social networking and blog resources. As part of this, we are beginning to standardize and focus the various web elements for Sermons in Song. In this post, we will explain how we intend to use the various resources available.

On Blogging
The blog is a format that has some familiarity with me, since I have been blogging for several years. Many of you are aware that I have been blogging at NeoFundamentalist since early 2005. For several reasons, I have not recently been writing there, and we are probably going to archive the whole site at some point in the not-to-distant future. In respect to my Theological / Philosophical writings, I intend to begin blogging again, but that will be in coordination with a project that some friends and I have been working on recently (more sometime later on that).

However, we are also using this blog for Sermons in Song specifically, and we will continue to write here regarding matters of Worship, Music in specific, and other Ministry related articles and news. We will be moving matters of prayer to other social networking outlets, since these are more tuned to getting prayer requests out quickly to those who are interested in praying for our ministry. For those who prefer to use this site as a hub, there is a feed at the far right for our Facebook posts, which will be concerned with the general, day to day, concerns and progress of where we are and what we are doing.

So the blog will be the primary outlet for practical articles that are aimed at the church-strengthening ministry of Sermons in Song. Some cross-posting may occur between this site and the "notes" section of the Facebook fan page, but that will not necessarily be the case. We welcome and would like to encourage as much interaction as possible, since this helps us better serve the churches where God sends us.

On Facebook
Facebook is a fantastic tool, though it can become an albatross to life if it isn't used wisely. It is a great venue for bite sized transmission of information. Much of the "status" updates we see on Facebook are more or less mundane, but we would like to use the Sermons in Song updates particularly for the purpose of sharing pieces of information that will help you know how to pray for us in that particular day. We appreciate those of you who pray regularly for us and we intend to keep that aspect of this site moving regularly, even if the articles are not as regular as we would like.

Our own personal Facebook accounts (Martha and Tom both are there) will be more personal, so if you are interested in that, then you can find us and "friend" us. However, please note in your friend request how and when we met in person. We intend to limit the personal friend list to people we have actually met. Thank you, in advance, for your understanding!

In addition, the Facebook fan page has some features that are very conducive to supporting and facilitating a robust communication with those who are interested in our ministry. We have links to our music in the "Music" tab, and we have another music app on the "Wall" that allows us to post practice sessions of new songs, just for those of you who are interested in keeping up with us and praying for us.

The other feature that we hope gets used more is the forums on the Facebook page. There we can carry on extended conversations regarding what is happening and we can answer questions about aspects of our ministry that interests you. We have even posted lyrics and chords for some of our new and upcoming songs in the wall music player.

On Twitter
To be entirely honest, I don't really get Twitter. It seems too much information. I am not sure that I want to know blow by blow snippets of very many people's lives, and I certainly can't imagine people really wanting to know that for me. However, I understand that this is something that is a great benefit to many, so we will be cross posting all the Facebook updates into Twitter (@tpryde3) for those of you who use this platform. This means that you can use Twitter to receive prayer related posts from Sermons in Song.

That pretty much covers it all. We will be updating the links to reflect our usage of these tools, and we sincerely hope that our interaction is a blessing to you and an encouragement to your ministry in your church. Thank you for your interest in our ministry and your prayers, and drop us a note to let us know who you are. We would love to know who is praying for the work God has given us in strengthening His churches.

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