Friday, June 19, 2009

Changing Directions and Pressing On!

In New Mexico, we had a wonderful time teaching how to study the Bible and we even got to sing a new song, based on Psalm 2. We were blessed, as usual, by the church family there in La Luz. Something happened while we were there that really emphasized the importance of the family of God in the life of His people.

We had been planning on going to Michigan for the Summer (to work on a book and record that is based on 12 Messianic Psalms), and on the way we were also planning on stopping off for a few Sundays in Illinois. Sadly (at the time) two Sundays opened up in our schedule and I could not find a church to fill those Sundays. God seemed to be preventing our going there, so we decided to stay a few more days in New Mexico and then go straight to Michigan.

One half hour from leaving to go to Michigan, we got a call that Martha's mother had suddenly suffered a heart attack and died. We needed to go to South Carolina, and we didn't have to cancel any services! Not only that, if we had gotten the word much later (or if we had gone up sooner), we would not have had enough money to get to South Carolina.

As we were leaving, the church family there in La Luz simply loved on us and sent us away with the comfort and joy of knowing that there is yet another group of God's people praying for us and the ministry that He has given us. We have been so incredibly blessed, and then God provided just enough to get to Greenville, and we are so blessed by His provision!

Now we are in South Carolina, and we appreciate your prayers for our family and for all that we need to accomplish in the coming months. We are praying for some opportunities to minister while we are here. While we are not sure how long God wants us to stay in Greenville, we are praying for God's provision to get us back up to Michigan.

Even so, while we are here, I am working on a book project (with my good friend, Dr. Bob Snyder). We are busy translating and commenting on 12 Messianic Psalms so that we can write a study guide / resource for people to use in studying these precious gems of Scripture. Along with this written work, we are busy writing songs based upon those Psalms. In this way we are hoping to bridge the gap between understanding the message of the Psalms and how we should emotionally respond to them.

It is hard to explain how exciting it is to work on the project, and we are so excited about what God is doing. We would appreciate your prayers as we continue work on that project!


Lee said...

How is the work on your psalms going? ... my wife indicates I should check out face book... for various reasons I don't want to and don't have a facebook account.

Thomas Pryde said...

All is going well...we have written songs on Psalm 2, 8, 16 (2 songs), 22, 40, and 110. That leaves only one song more (69) to write. Of these we have translated and commented on Psalm 2, 8, 16, and some of 110. We will be working on 110 tomorrow for a few hours, and we will hopefully finish it up, which will leave 22, 40, and 69 that we hope to complete in November.