Monday, March 9, 2009

A Year In Review

It was almost exactly a year ago that our family embarked upon this itinerate ministry, and we have been blessed to minister with so many of God's people around the country. Of course, it has been a real challenge at times, as God has been teaching us to live together in close quarters, but God has been faithful to us as we seek to please Him in our family.

His faithfulness is evident to us as we consider how often He has provided to give us exactly what we needed to get us to the next location. Many times we have been packing up without quite enough to get us to the next stop, and just as we have needed it, God has provided through the generosity of His people. Of course, we are thankful also to those whom He has used to provide for our ministry, and we are confident that God will likewise show his faithfulness to provide for those who are generous toward Him.

It is difficult to recount all the ministry opportunities that God has given us, but I would like to highlight a few of the high-points. We began last year with the ordination of Bro. Will Dudding, in Fremont. That was the end of a year long ministry to him and his church, which we have spoken of previously.

God allowed us to participate briefly with a brand new church plant in downtown Colorado (Providence Bible Church), and we were blessed to see God's people reaching into areas that have long been neglected. We look forward to seeing what God has done in them this past year, as well as renewing friendships made while we were there.

We spent quite a long time being ministered to and ministering in Rockford, Illinois (Morning Star Baptist Church), and then we traveled to Michigan, where we ministered in several churches. While in Michigan, we spent some time in Goodells (Mt. Pleasant Bible Church) for their "Spiritual Life Emphasis" week. We were kept busy ministering in as many ways as the Lord allowed us opportunity. This church was the first church to have us present an extended series, and we were blessed to see the Lord work through a presentation of the gospel through a few Psalms.

We spent some time in Washington DC, and even found time to do a Christmas concert that included a new Christmas hymn. In December, we found ourselves ministering to friends in the South and also visiting family in Greenville, South Carolina. While there, the Lord gave us opportunities to minister as well.

New Mexico was our next destination (with a stop over in Texas to take care of some Veritas School of Theology business). The First Baptist Church of La Luz has become dear to us, as they have had us minister with them several times now. This time, they asked us to teach my counseling course (available at Veritas) over the course of a month or so. It was a great time, and God blessed us with lots of opportunities to speak (and sing) His word.

That brings us back to California, for a very busy spring. The next three months will be taken up with meetings in some new churches and some of the same churches that we have gotten to know already. We look forward to ministering with fellow servants scattered wherever the Lord has placed them.

One aspect of our ministry that is difficult to quantify is the ministry that happens "in the gaps." We have had many opportunities to minister individually, in counseling and encouragement with pastors and others. This work is not extra, but rather it is an integral part to our mission, which is to demonstrate and teach how the gospel of Jesus Christ touches every area of life.

Thank you for your generosity, prayers, and encouragement over this past year. We anticipate even more opportunities to minister as God continues to direct our steps.

Your servant,
Tom Pryde

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