Friday, January 16, 2009

Jeep...Need Your Prayers

Well, this week has been on the discouraging side. Our Jeep that we purchased in New Mexico has been having electrical problems since we got it, and we finally were able to get it to a mechanic here in Greenville. Sadly, the news is worse than I expected.

Evidently the thing had been submerged; as a possible explanation, we did a carfax and learned that it had been sold at an auction shortly after Katrina. Anyway, it has so many problems as a result that nearly everything is affected by it. The short version is that it isn't worth fixing. Now that poses quite a few problems for us, and we would like your prayers as we seek to discern how the Lord would have us proceed.

In the first place, we use the Jeep as storage while we are traveling, so if we get rid of it we need to figure out what we are doing with all that stuff. It also means that we will be without a vehicle, until the Lord provides a replacement.

Regardless, God knows and has a better plan for us, even though that isn't readily apparent yet. We will continue to trust His work and do our best to be faithful to the task He has called us to do.

That also brings me to ask for your prayers next week for our trip West. We will strike out to New Mexico, where we will be recording a course for Veritas School of Theology: Introduction to Biblical Counseling. I will also be teaching the second run through my course on Hermeneutics soon as well.

As always, thank you for your prayers to God on our behalf!

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