Monday, January 28, 2008

Scaling Down

Well, as we begin this new endeavor there are so many things that have to happen. It is almost overwhelming. The biggest task is scaling down our lives from a 3 bedroom house to a 30 foot motorhome. This means we have to sell, store, or toss most of our possessions, and you can imagine how challenging that is!

Of course, we have to work on getting the motorhome (after we figure out a way to pay for ready for a family of seven to move in. The master bedroom will have to be converted to a kid's room, complete with bunks and storage. That will be a significant challenge, but a few men from our church (who are very handy) have agreed to help get it done. That will be a big blessing, since we would like to have a permanent bed space for each of our family.

On top of this, we need to develop a travel schedule and plan meetings, so if you know of anyone who would like to have us come to their church, take a look at the schedule at the bottom of the blog and call to see if we can make a date work!

It is true that we have many needs, but we are confident that God will supply exactly what we need, when we need it. For those who have asked, I will post and maintain a running list of needs soon. In any case, we are grateful for your prayers as we prepare and begin scheduling meetings.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Back to the beginning...

Sermons in song began when I was complaining to my wife about the sorry state of Christian music. It seemed as if the Theology of Christian music was lacking, and if there was substance to the song, the music seemed to be used as a mere vehicle, rather than spending some effort to try and match the tone of the music to the content of the song. Well, my wife said, "You are the one who says, 'Don't curse the darkness unless you are willing to light a candle.'"

That was enough to get me to pick up my guitar and try to write a song. "Sorrow to Hope" was the result, and you can hear it if you go to our Facebook page. I happened to be preaching through the book of Jeremiah at the time, so it is a summary of the book of Jeremiah. I sang the song to our church, and they liked it.

One thing led to another and I began taking occasional sermons and turning them into songs. Eventually the album "Sorrow to Hope" was recorded. The best part of it is that people remembered the songs long after they would normally forget the sermon! I have just continued writing the songs for our church, and now the door seems to be opening to take the idea to others who may be encouraged and blessed with the Word of God preached in the form of music.

We are excited about the possibilities!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Stuff

We have added some new stuff to the blog, in the form of links (to the right), an itinerary calendar (on the bottom), and pictures (also to the right). The links are to Tom's blog, NeoFundamentalist and our new Facebook "fan" page. I am not sure if I like the whole "fan" idea, but this is a good way for us to communicate with those who are interested in our ministry. There is also a link to the online CD store, "CDBaby." You can buy our album from a variety of digital sources, but this is the only way to get a hard copy, other than directly from us.

The calendar on the bottom of the blog is a google calendar, and if you have never used this feature of google, you may want to check it out. In any case, this is the easiest way for us to update and keep track of our schedule, and it seems worthwhile to provide access to it for you.

As for the photos...we hope to include pictures as we travel, but there isn't much there yet. I'll include more as I am able.

One last item...
I have uploaded a basic brochure that introduces our ministry.

Needs / Prayer Requests

Many of you who are praying for us have asked about specific needs that we have, so this page will be an ongoing list of needs and prayer requests. Be sure to check back to see God's answers to your prayers for us, and when God provides, we will share that with you and cross off those needs here!

CD Production Costs / Duplication (should cost around 2500 dollars)
Replacing Tom's Cracked Guitar

Motorhome bunks - March 20 Praise the Lord!!!
Sound System - May 19 Praise the Lord!!!
Kid's School
Keyboard, (we ended up getting a good price on an inexpensive Casio so that our oldest could continue his lessons)
Microphones for live sound - June 19 Praise the Lord!!!
Travel Expenses to Illinois (Special thanks to the Southeast Valley Baptist Church in Gilbert, AZ)
Refrigerator and Propane system repair

Sunday, January 20, 2008

SiS Launch Coming Soon!

Well, Sermons in Song is about to go live as our family prepares to become mobile. This blog will serve as a repository for information on our travels, music, and other endeavors. Feel free to drop us a line and say "hi."