Friday, September 26, 2008

Update...Important Prayer Request

Well, it is about time that we update our blog and let you know what is happening. In the beginning, we decided that we weren't going to whitewash difficulties and challenges on this blog. If we did, then you wouldn't know how to pray for us! On the contrary, we want to give you a window into our lives as we seek to serve God with the gifts that He has given us. That way, you can intercede on our behalf.

We have been blessed by the generosity of many people who have helped us, particularly the churches we have visited along the way. The people of Morning Star Baptist Church have been wonderful, and we have been blessed to be here with them. Of course, the Apostle Paul made tents, and we paint houses but, the hours spent on painting do tend to undermine our ability to move forward with the work that we have to do. 

Because of this, it is a struggle to maintain our focus on Sermons in Song and Veritas. We would like to ask you to pray that God would provide for our needs as we embark on the next phase of this ministry. We have a host of opportunities that God has placed before us. 

There are two men who would like to be prepared for ordination (see Bro. Will Dudding's description of our ministry with him). There is a counseling course to be taught for six weeks in January, and there are many small churches who would be blessed by our preaching and music yet feel hesitant to invite us because of the expense to get us there (about 80 cents a mile).

These opportunities are exciting, but they cannot be done effectively if I am painting full time. We would like to ask you to intercede with God for the provision of this ministry. We have had several people ask us about how to support our ministry. Our home church (Crossroads Baptist Church in Tracy, California) is handling our finances, so those who wish to help can send our support to them, marked "Sermons in Song."

For the next three weeks, we are in Rockford, Illinois at Morning Star Baptist Church. Then we head up to Michigan for a series of meetings there (there are still some open Sundays, if you know of a church that would like to have us). That begins our travels that will take us to New England, South Carolina, Texas, New Mexico, and then back to California by the spring of next year.

We are excited about the opportunities that God has placed before us, but we are also aware that we cannot do it without God's provision and your prayers to God on our behalf. 

As always, I remain your servant for the glory of the cross,
Tom Pryde

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