Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well...we finally made it to Rockford, Illinois, and we are getting settled in for a bit of a stay. Of course, on the way here we stopped in Denver, Colorado to be with the Providence Bible Church in downtown Denver. It underscored, for me, how much I love being around church plants. There is an air of delight in ministry that permeates the folks there, and it is obvious that God is doing a work among them!

It is simply exciting to see so many hands pitching in to work toward ministry to one another and to their community. This seems to be much easier to accomplish when the church is starting out than when a church is established and calcified in their traditions. It makes me wonder how a church can keep or even regain that spirit.

While we were in Denver, we did some painting on Providence's auditorium, and we got to know a few families in the few days we were there. We had a brief scare with Stephen, when after church Sunday night he turned white and listless. Nothing we could do seemed to help so Martha took him to the hospital (with one of Providence's families helping). A short time after arriving, Stephen was chirping around and eating again! So they did some blood tests, which all came back fine, and we breathed a sigh of relief (though the sticker shock has yet to come...yikes).

In any case, it was great to be there, and we definitely look forward to coming back and witnessing the work of God in a downtown ministry.

So Wednesday evening last week we launched out toward Rockford, and had an uneventful trip the rest of the way. We are so grateful for God's provision through his people to get us here, and we are grateful for your prayers!

I have already dug in to the seminary counseling class that I am preparing, and we hope to begin laying down some tracks for our recording by the end of this week. Please continue to pray for God's provision while we are here. We would like to paint as little as possible, so that we can have more opportunities for ministry with the folks here at Morningstar Baptist Church.

Again...thank you for your prayers to God on our behalf!

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