Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Manor Baptist Church

Wow...so much has happened! Last Sunday we were at Manor Baptist Church in San Leandro, California, and we had a great time (complete with lots of ice cream). They have really fixed things up since the last time I had visited there, and it was exciting to hear what God is doing in this town.

Things became a little nerve racking when our wireless quit working Sunday morning. Thankfully we were only doing an offertory in the AM service, so after lunch I had to go out and buy a new wireless system. The only problem was that we couldn't find one that used the same type of connector for my vocal mic (a Countryman E6), so we had to use the stock lapel mic. This was ok because the auditorium allowed for it, but we really missed the other microphone, and we knew that the camp auditorium (low, wide, and hard surfaces) would not be very forgiving.

One of the churches who came to camp is pastored by a good friend, Charlie Eldred. He graciously consented to pick one up on the way to camp Monday morning, so we have been able to use the wireless with our microphones. It has worked well, and we are thankful for the good friends that God has given us.

It has been fun at camp, and I always enjoy watching another friend, Jon Cook (Youth Pastor / Assistant at the First Baptist Community Church of Los Gatos, California) work with the teens. He is running the camp program during this week, and his genuine love and care for the young people is refreshing.

Please be in prayer for this week of camp, that God would touch the lives and hearts of these young people!

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