Tuesday, May 20, 2008

God Provides

We are so glad to report that God has provided a sound system for us, and we have been able to use it in a few meetings already. God enabled us to purchase a Bose L1 system that is amazingly compact and sounds fantastic. Here is a picture of the entire system next to one of my guitars:

That is all there is; speakers, amp, mixer, microphones, and cables! If you have ever used a traditional setup, you will appreciate the compactness of this system, and to top it off, it sounds great. It can be set up, tuned to the room, and ready to go in less than a half hour (that isn't rushing either).

Any way, the best part is how it sounds. One comment a few weeks ago was, "It sounds like you, only louder." That is exactly what we want; everyone should be able to hear clearly and without the distracting ear-splitting volumes that can happen if you sit in the wrong place under normal PA speakers.

While we still need a few minor items, we are thankful that God has provided in this way for our ministry!


1stepp said...

AWESOME! I'm looking forward to seeing it when you're in Tracy. Maybe link the two systems together and go stereo!

Thomas Pryde said...

I want to do a couple tests while we are there...we will have some fun with it, for sure!