Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bunks are Done!!! are a few pictures of the bunks in their finished state! They look amazing. Thanks, Paul!!! There is no way we could repay you; you went way over and above. This pic is of the left side Cabinet and bunks:

This is the right side...yes, it is a little smaller:

And here are the kids, in their chosen we have to give them mattresses!


Jake & Olya said...

I though for a second that I was looking at an advent calendar, or maybe the muppets tv show, where they all have their little cubicle of stage and curtain! LOL

Thomas Pryde said...

Hah! They were sooooo happy to have their own space. That was the main point. We figured each child needed their own space, even if it was just a small space.

ilah said...

HI you all.... Wow, Was I ever surprised to get your information.

Going on the Road huh? If anyone can make this work.. it's Tom using God's power ...

I'm excited for you guys!! Wow, what a joy !!!

If you get to the Long Beach area pleae let us know. .We'd love to have you over for Dinner!! :)
ALL OF YOU ... :)

Take care
Your Friend
Ilah hardesty