Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two New Links

I have added two more links into our music links section. Before I go any further, let me say that links to particular artists are NOT endorsements of all of their music or their particular philosophy of music. However, there is some value in considering each perspective. The two added are at very different sides of the music spectrum, but both spend considerable time thinking through music issues.

When it comes to music in church / worship, I am much closer to Scott Aniol than Bob Kauflin, and even though I do not always agree with Scott's arguments, I appreciate his desire to be careful with music. We should think through the issues clearly and carefully, and Scott's site is actually far deeper than just a blog.

Worship Matters is very much a Sovereign Grace Ministries site, and so the music and its philosophy is exactly what you would expect. The lyrics are almost always solid and excellent, though the music frequently doesn't really match the tone of the lyric. With that said, however, there is some value in considering and interacting with the ideas / music / philosophy found herein.

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