Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bedroom Facelift and More

Well, we are going to be living in our motor home full-time, so there are a few modifications that must be made. Mainly, we need to convert the back bedroom into a bunk-room for the kids. Martha and I will take the overhead bed (it is a class-c motor home), and the kids will each have their own submarine style bunk. It won't be much room, but it will be their own space, which we feel is very important for them.

A couple men from our church have begun the work, and they are removing the old furnishings/cabinets. There are some things to work around (like the spare tire), but in the end, I believe that we will have a much better situation for the kids.

We continue to pack up my books, and as we have found a few who can use some of our furniture, we intend to give away what can be used in the Lord's service. Then we will sell what we can, and when that is done, we will toss the rest into a big dumpster! What fun... it will be a flurry of activity from now until March 31st, so we appreciate your prayers during this time of transition.


Michelle said...

Post pictures when it is finished!

Thomas Pryde said...

will do...