Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Needs / Prayer Requests

Many of you who are praying for us have asked about specific needs that we have, so this page will be an ongoing list of needs and prayer requests. Be sure to check back to see God's answers to your prayers for us, and when God provides, we will share that with you and cross off those needs here!

CD Production Costs / Duplication (should cost around 2500 dollars)
Replacing Tom's Cracked Guitar

Motorhome bunks - March 20 Praise the Lord!!!
Sound System - May 19 Praise the Lord!!!
Kid's School
Keyboard, (we ended up getting a good price on an inexpensive Casio so that our oldest could continue his lessons)
Microphones for live sound - June 19 Praise the Lord!!!
Travel Expenses to Illinois (Special thanks to the Southeast Valley Baptist Church in Gilbert, AZ)
Refrigerator and Propane system repair

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